Wine Tasting Note Books - Download both books for only £.95

Euro 1.20 $1.50 Tasting Books Greatly increases value of winery visits! ~Winery purchases!! Cellar books at home drink  your wine in its prime and record wine development.

Making tasting notes will develop your skills for wine enjoyment and help you choose the best value wines in restaurants and at wine tastings. Contains several well designed note forms- for beginners and experts -  plus information on how to taste wine, wine styles, wine making factors and grape types.

Fantastic for Wine tasting parties. Download as many copies as you need.

Learn and remember  the wines you like and why you liked them!

 Wine Cellar Books

Drink the wine in your cellar in its prime! See how your wine develops!! 

Proven Quality – at retail, over last 10 years 1 milllion of the Tasting Note books sold and thousands hardback Cellar Books

Get Both the Wine Books and Glass Tag Downloads all for only £1.25 - Euro 1.50 -$1.95


Wine Glass Tags - Glass Markers   -             Themes Include - General Party,                                                   Role Play, Modern Art  - Classic Art, History, Erotic, Quotes and lots more - over 40 sets.......

                        Audrey meets He-Man .............while Jefferson chats up Supergirl,                             -

Turns ordinary parties into great ones!                Stops glass confusion !

Makes every guest special!!

This Accessory is Great for Hen- Bacelorette            and Bachelor Parties.  Over 40 Themed sets of 12 wine markers                           . -see  below